New Alumni Board Chair

Meet Evan Woolley '85
As we said farewell to outgoing Alumni Board Chair Jason Hackett ’84 last June, Evan Woolley stood ready to take the reins on July 1.
Evan has been an active member of the Alumni Annual Fund Committee since 2014, and a member of the Alumni Board since 2015. He is the founder of Mammoth Capital, which focuses on off-market real estate equity and debt strategies. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Alexis, and their sons, Myles (3) and Charlie (9 months).
Evan presided over the Board’s first meeting of the year on September 28, with the distinction of wielding the group’s first official gavel, a gift to the Alumni Association from Lori Wasserman ’83 in memory Cathy Guyler ’63, a co-founder of the GCS Alumni Association.
The Founder’s Gavel brought the meeting to order with a satisfying thwap; certainly a clear sign of auspicious beginnings.

2017-18 Alumni Board
Evan Woolley ’95, Chair
Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti ’04, Vice-Chair
Edward H. Chaloner, Jr. ‘59
Emily Duke ‘03
Max Dworin ‘03
Anne Evans ‘01
Gregory Gerard ’74
Stanley Grayson ‘01
Isca Greenfield-Sanders ‘92
Jason Hackett ’84
Zoë Jackson ‘95
Jody Kuh ‘87
Conni Walsh Langan ‘79
Cecilia Magnusson ‘01
Tilden Marbit ‘01
Tyler Maroney ‘87
Andrea Marpillero-Colomina ‘99
Ogor Oghedo ‘06
Folake Ologunja ‘92
Jasmin Stanley ‘03
Alumni Advisory Council
James Benenson '93
Eric J. Raicovich '97
Callie Siegel '96
Christopher Walker '78
Lori Wasserman ‘83
Emeritus Members
Mary-Paula Bailey Allegaert ‘71
Durell H. Godfrey '58
Rodney K. Hobbs '69
Evan Silverman ’85