Alumni Experts

Each year, we match sophomores beginning their year-long independent study projects with alumni experts in the fields the students are researching. On November 29, 18 alums gave their time and expertise to students to help them shape their evolving projects. Among them was Andy Bragen ’85, New York based playwright and teacher at Barnard. He met with Petra H. ’20 to discuss the play she is writing for her project.
Whether they meet in groups or one on one, the students benefit from the expert advice. Petra noted, “I wasn’t sure what we would talk about… but getting so much new information and so many new ideas from this conversation was very very enriching.”
There’s something in it for the alums, too. Andy said, “I like the continuity of it. In a changing city and a changing neighborhood, to feel the continuity of the values of Grace that I hold so dearly still continuing. It’s great”

Kahdeidra Martin ‘95
Thank you for providing the chance to engage with these brilliant and passionate youth. They are on fire!! I can't wait to see how their projects develop.
 Mary-Paula Allegaert ‘71
Thoroughly enjoyed meeting Grace's bright, inventive and engaged students. (How I wish we had a HS way back when...)