A Rose by any other name becomes a Tradition

Having spent 15-plus years as an uber-volunteer at Grace Church School, Debby Jones (Peter ’90, Philip ’93, Stuart ’99) became an Alumni Parent in 1999. In those years, there was rarely an occasion that occurred without Debby’s creative touch. She designed and constructed witty invitations, fashioned gorgeous flower arrangements, produced spectacular auction scenery and was on deck whenever a deft touch was needed.
From Grace Church School News, Winter 2001 (insert side bar here? – if doesn’t work, I”ll describe the first planting)
Three years after the first rose was planted for Debby, Debby’s partner in uber-volunteering, Hallie Cohen, moved on, and Debby planted a rose in tribute to Hallie. A tradition was born. As the garden grew, the roses were transplanted to their current home bordering the play yard.
The Uber-Volunteers
Yellow climber
Hallie Cohen 2002
Yellow Hybrid Tea
Ellen McElduff 2016
Pink Carefree Wonder
Debby Jones 1999
Cinco de Mayo
Dana Foote 2011
Yellow climber
Vicky Ort 2005
Mr. Lincoln
Lisa Douglas 2007
White tea rose
Blanche Johnson 2009
Pink Knockout
Kathy Franklin 2006
Ellen McElduff (a yellow hybrid tea rose), our most recent Uber-Volunteer, was planted on May 22, 2017.