Grades 7 & 8 Science Fair

Yesterday grades 7 & 8 students presented their semester-long science projects at the Science Fair. The impressive variety of projects included at home teeth whitening remedies, a tornado simulator and a model of the human heart. The fair was open to parents all morning and throughout the day, students in JK - Grade 6 stopped by to learn more about projects that piqued their interest.

In preparation for the fair, grade 7 students turned to the grade 9 students from Ms. Dilley’s science class for guidance. Students also present their projects to their classmates prior to the fair to prepare for questions or make any changes. For example, Enako ’21 made two homemade lenses out of epoxy resin: one is a logarithmic lens which simulates the effect caused by a star or a black hole, and the other is a linear lens, which mimics the effect caused by a galaxy to measure the length of the radius of an Einstein ring. 

Congratulations to grades 7 & 8 students on an inspiring science fair. 

See more photos here.