Faculty Alums

Kate Patton ’81 (Kindergarten), Brian Platzer ’95 (English, History), Henry Ginna ’05 (History, French), Georgina Wells ’06 (History, Humanities)
We asked our four alumni teachers questions from two perspectives—as their current teacher-selves as well as their GCS student-selves.  Here’s what they said.
What was your most memorable class at GCS?
KP: Teacher-you: My very first 1st grade class.
Student-you: My first grade year with Mrs. Duchovny--I still like visiting that room these days to see Ms. Kraftsik.
Is there anything about Grace that GCS teacher-you learned that would have surprised GCS student-you?
HG: All of the excuses that I get about not doing homework are just as implausible as the ones I used to give.  
BP: It would have surprised me that teachers are not judging students so much as desperately wanting them to do well.
Favorite GCS lunch   
HG: 5th Grade:  Burrito Day (Who could forget?)
Now:  Gotta be Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup

GW: 5th Grade:  Chocolate milk day!
Now:  Quesadillas 
The Fourth Avenue campus is made up of 11 different buildings, where students over the generations have discovered secret spaces. Did you have any?  What’s there now?
KP: We made a replica King Tut's tomb in the basement of the school.  I have a strong memory of creating it and giving tours of it. The last time I was in that area of the basement I was looking for a bookcase for my classroom.

GW: Going up to the Greenhouse for class or electives was a nice quiet little escape from the building. I think it's still there but I haven't been back to look!
(It’s still there.)
Why Grace?
BP: Student-you: My friends were here and the teachers were brilliant and eccentric.
Teacher-you: I couldn't imagine a more wonderful place to work!  The students are kind and brilliant, the administration trusts me to teach an evolving curriculum, and my colleagues are some of the best educators in the world.