A Celebration for Mr. Davison

Imagine planning a surprise party for 200 people with the honoree hovering around the premises.
Imagine organizing a stealth tribute for that same honoree involving 768 students and their teachers.
Grace pulled it off.
On April 4, Board Chair, Olivia Douglas, chaired a celebration of George Davison’s 25 years as head of Grace Church School. There were speeches (roasts as well as praise), music, food and drink, good cheer – topped off by Assistant Head, Robbie Penoyer’s rendition of “If They Only Had His Brain.”
On April 3, the honoree was ambushed at All School Chapel and bombarded with kudos from each division: an autographed pillow from Early Childhood, 25 reasons why we love Mr. Davison from Lower School, and more. Olivia Douglas presented him with beautifully engraved julep cups filled with pencils that read, “Mr. Davison, Head of School, 25 years!” all perfectly sharpened by dutiful fifth graders.
The newly established George P. Davison Endowment for Faculty Compensation is the icing on the cake in recognition for his 25 years of service.