Middle School Drama Production: "1776"

Middle school drama students entertained their parents, peers and teachers with their take on “1776.”  Musical enthusiasts and history buffs alike enjoyed the spring show - a story of the days leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The production explored a bending of gender roles with girls playing the roles of men and boys playing women. 
The show included powerful performances with many numbers receiving sustained applause and standing ovations. Amongst the praise for the show, actor James Beaman, who played John Adams in several productions of “1776” and was in the audience opening night, shared his feelings with Ms. Sterman-Jones.

"Something magical happened to me this evening. My brilliant friend, Dan Pardo, invited me to attend a production of “1776” that he music directed (beautifully, of course). I got the gift of seeing a cherished piece in a fresh new way. Most of the Congress (save for one) was played by girls. Abby and Martha were played--simply and honestly--by boys. There was every color face on the little stage. And the play held up great; it had power and humor and wisdom. And I was not at all prepared for the gut-wrenching and unexpected new resonance of seeing a boy with a soprano voice sing, "Mama, Look Sharp" after describing how his two best friends were shot down in front of him.

Watching the earnest effort of these kids and the clear, committed performance of the young lady playing John Adams, I was reminded that pursuing the things that make us strive to be more, and showing up and making an earnest effort... these are the things that sustain us and make for a useful life. 
A side note: I loved the dry delivery of the girl playing Benjamin Franklin. And I couldn't keep my eyes off the boy playing Hancock... that kid has a future in acting."
For more photos click here. (photo credit: GCS Parent Scott Jones)