Senior Honored by Princeton Prize in Race Relations

Senior Jenna Hua received a Certificate of Accomplishment from the New York City Committee for the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. Jenna was selected for her work in creating the Student Diversity Council and Asian Affinity club in the High School Division. Jenna nd her fellow honorees will be presented their certificates at an Award Ceremony at the Princeton Club in May.

After attending the Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) in Atlanta in 2017, Jenna founded the Student Diversity Council along with a few classmates. "That conference was the first time I got to be apart of a grander conversation about diversity, with so many students of different identities coming together with a passion to make change in their schools back home. When I came back from the conference, I felt that something I discovered at the conference was missing, so I recreated the SDLC environment at Grace by gathering all the passionate and diverse students I knew."

One thing the Princeton Prize committee looks for is a specific example of how the student promoted racial harmony in their school or community. Jenna's work on the Student Diversity Council fit that purpose perfectly. "Before the conference, a lot of the affinity groups at Grace never interacted with one another (with is expected, since they are affinity spaces), so the diversity council gave us a space to do just that and make a bigger impact by discussing issues from a very intersectional point of view." After Jenna graduates later this month, the Student Diversity Council will carry on its work with an energized group of younger high school students thanks to Jenna's leadership.